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Drawstring Bags

Packagelite x At-24 Clothing

We collaborated with another local brand, At-24 Clothing, to design and manufacture our drawstring bags of varying colors and sizes. Our drawstring bags are perfect for nearly every product; from candles, jewelry, soaps to swimsuits. All our bags are locally made and hand crafted using premium fabric to ensure that your products stand out and catch the attention of your customers. 

About At-24 Clothing

At-24 Clothing is small local brand that specialises in stylish sleepwear, fusing comfort and style with ease. They are characterized by their hand-drawn prints and comfortable materials. The brand offers luxurious silk pajamas, high quality cotton pajamas, night dresses and shirts. 

They were one of our first customers when we began printed packaging in January 2021. They were also a new born business, just like us, that was seeking packaging that represented their luxurious brand, and thus, a beautiful network was created. They bought from us and we bought from them. 

The owner of Packagelite, Tsi-Ann Joseph, purchased a silk two piece pajama set and was quickly impressed by the quality of work and craftsmanship. At that time Tsi-Ann was also in search of a local company to partner with to bring to life some ideas she had in mind. She contacted the owner of At-24 Clothing, and now, here we are today with customizable drawstring bags.... and so much more to come.