About us

"The best things come in cute packaging"

Packagelite is an online based custom packaging supply store located in Trinidad. 

We specialize in helping you create custom packaging that reflect your brand image, giving you that modern and luxurious finish. Branded packaging is one of the best ways to communicate your brand identity and feel.

At Packagelite, we take a highly personalized approach in meeting your company's packaging needs by offering the lowest minimums, premium materials, low prices and quality customer service. 

There's no longer a reason to have boring packaging.



To give small and micro businesses in Trinidad and Tobago an opportunity to stand out using branded packaging that is modern, innovative, and daring while being affordable and easily accessible without compromising quality.



To expand and be the leading manufacturer of printed packaging within the Caribbean, servicing small to large scale businesses worldwide.  



Committed to the craft. We have a passion for fusing creativity with functionality and sustainability to create packaging that is both environmentally friendly and attractive.


We are open people who are willing to collaborate and brain storm ideas to improve the standard of packaging for small businesses in Trinidad and Tobago.


We serve and support the local business community. We appreciate and respect the unique character of each business’ brand. We encourage their creativity and desires to stand out from their competitors.


We meet and surpass the objectives we set for ourselves. We always do everything possible to fulfil our tasks even if it means thinking outside the box and doing something different.  


We maintain open communication with our colleagues and customers. We are humble and always ready to listen to the ideas of others; we are empathetic in our relationships.